Listing an Advert

If you have a vacancy at your school and would like to advertise on the Old Schools Ties (O.S.T.) website – your advert will be automatically included on its social media platforms – please send an email to and include the following:

  • school logo
  • description of the vacant position
  • deadline date for applications
  • commencement date
  • contact instructions and/or further contact details

Each advert will be listed on this website within 2 – 12 working hours of receipt of the all the relevant information.  Adverts can be listed in any of South Africa’s official languages.

We DO NOT charge a fee per advert – we charge an annual rate which allows the advertsing school unlimited vacancy adverts for one year. Please send us a direct email to enquire how best we can be of service to you.

Other offerings

For the time being, O.S.T. provides only a job-listing function and does not accept CVs and other confidential information.