Pinelands North Primary School


Pinelands North Primary School is a co-educational primary school that aims to offer grade 1-7 learners a welcoming and happy atmosphere in which they can learn and develop to their full potential. By providing them with a stimulating learning environment, where we focus on all aspects including academics, sports and culture, we make sure that all children are ready for high school by the time they need to leave.

Our school has a rich history and was founded in 1948, and was officially opened and named in 1949. The school buildings were expanded in 1955; this was also the year in which it was established that learning would take place in English. Currently, Pinelands North is a sought after primary school that offers a haven for your child to develop in, while having the time of his/her life.

Visit us to experience this DYNAMIC, CARING, EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT, situated in Pinelands.

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