Merchiston Preparatory School


Merchiston Preparatory School, established in 1892, caters for day boys from Grades RRR to 7 and accommodates boarders from Grades 3 to 7. Merchiston is steeped in tradition and embraces all the good that the past offered and also seeks to be a forerunner in what the future holds.

Built on four pillars: Academic, Sport, Culture and Character-Building, Merchiston has established itself as one of the leading boy specialist institutions in South Africa. It is one of 15 single-sex state schools in South Africa and is widely known for its sporting prowess and for the many top class provincial and national sportsmen it has produced and continues to nurture.

Merchiston caters fully to the needs of boys, and serves to enrich their lives in a very real and meaningful way. The essence of the Merchiston ethos is a value system that will not be compromised in any way. Values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment and self-discipline are closely guarded as we believe these to be the building blocks of every child’s life. With 790 boys, Merchiston Preparatory School prides itself in its reputation and has contributed much to the educational legacy both of the province and South Africa.

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