Longmarket Girls’ School


Longmarket Girls’ School is a unique, girls only school catering for girls from Grade RR to Grade 7. Our dedicated Team of educators, teacher aides and staff members are committed to honouring the history of the school, offering a structured, well-balanced, quality education to all our learners.
We pride ourselves in the ongoing development and improvement of the school, ensuring growth and advance where necessary, in terms of infrastructure. Currently, our triple storey facilities include a media centre/library, a computer lab, junior and senior primary swimming pools and a music room.
Extra-mural activities include various sporting codes, and some extra lessons are available too. A private After Care facility is available on the school premises for parents who are unable to collect their daughters after the school day. Please feel free to contact us for any further enquiries.
We strive to live up to our motto of “Loyalty, Honour and Truth”, on a daily basis. As we do so, we aim to equip and prepare our learners for their future by ensuring that they acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to become the best young ladies that they can be.  

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