Helderberg International School 

Helderberg International School 


Helderberg International School is based in Heritage Park, a security estate in Somerset West that lies below the majestic Helderberg mountain peak. The school is small and personal with classes of between 10 and 22 students. We offer the Cambridge International Curriculum, the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 6-19 year old students We also offer a Nursery for children aged 2 years and up and an Early Childhood programme for 4 and 5 year olds.

Education is certainly an extremely important part of a school and many will argue that it is the most important aspect. All teachers know that the atmosphere within a school contributes as much to the success of the student as the curriculum. More importantly, it has a great bearing on whether or not a child develops a love for learning. It is about making school a place where children feel challenged but competent, where they work hard but enjoy it, where achievement is the product but not the sole objective. The creation of a positive, happy and loving atmosphere is the shared responsibility of the teachers and the parents. At Helderberg International School, we endeavour to marry academic excellence with a warm, loving and caring environment, where optimum learning can take place.

At Helderberg, we embrace this vision for our students. We look to develop children who approach life with confidence, who are able to reflect and respond with a sense of responsibility to the world around them and who are empowered to engage with the challenges of the 21st Century. Underpinned by Cambridge and external standardised examination and testing, English, Mathematics and Science are experienced at the highest level within classes. These standards set by Cambridge call for a strong focus on teaching and learning. At Helderberg International School, we seek to attract and attain well qualified teachers. Our staff lives the philosophy of life-long learning and professional development, to support and improve the quality of the written, taught and assessed curriculums; this is a priority at our school.

Helderberg International School offers a safe, happy, nurturing environment where students and their learning are the centre of every decision we make. We are confident that we are able to satisfy the needs of your child, so feel free to come in and visit us. Our team will welcome you and give you a tour of the school.

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