Barkly House Kenilworth


At Barkly House we approach education with a view to the future of our children.

Our motto is ex fine origo: in my end is my beginning.

At Barkly House we want our children to be lifelong learners and therefore we teach through play as this is the best way for them to learn. Play is the work of children. It is a non-threatening and happy experience which enhances their self image.

There are many different types and levels of play. Children need to experience all of them. We create opportunities in our school to facilitate all the types and levels. Play assists children’s needs in all areas of their development.

  • Physical: Developing their motor skills and coordination.
  • Social: Initiating relations between children and by playing roles they see in the world around them.
  • Emotional: Learning to trust and accept each other. Learning to take responsibility and independence for their own decisions and ideas.
  • Intellectual: Here there are an enormous amount of experiences including identifying differences, classification, symbolizing, problem solving, reasoning and developing perceptual skills. Other important skills that are developed are paying attention, concentration, memory, creativity and the use of imagination.

Play does not mean that the children can just do as they want. The teachers present all areas in the school to optimise play and learning.

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