John Mackenzie High School


John Mackenzie School is recognized by its parents as being a pupil-centred, caring and happy school. Within this warm environment very experienced and well-qualified teachers provide sound academic learning, a positive approach to work, instil sound values, recognise individual differences, and motivate the spiritual development of every pupil.  High priority is placed on individual guidance, pastoral care, inculcating leadership and co-operative skills, and encouraging personal growth.

Through the academic, cultural, sport and pastoral programme, provision is made for the development and growth of the individual’s talents and skills.  Emphasis is placed on the appreciation and enjoyment of academic, cultural and sports activities and experiences.

Of particular importance are the following goals that the school strives to achieve:

  • To enable every pupil to achieve their potential through sound instruction and the development of good study habits.
  • Development of character.
  • Acceptance of sound values that will assist the pupil to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  • Co-education and multi-culturalism by growing up in an environment that reflects society, while understanding and respecting one another.
  • Individual and group development:  developing the individual skills – academic, leadership, cultural and sporting – and potential of pupils, while also learning to work together as a team.

As a private school John Mackenzie High School offers many opportunities to pupils of varying talents, interests and abilities.  It is our goal to ensure that all members of the school, when they depart, will do so having been enriched by the John Mackenzie experience, and will look back with pleasure and pride on days of happiness reflecting on their intellectual, physical and emotional growth and development.

Every school has an ethos peculiar to itself. We offer an education which seeks to bring out the best in every pupil but with a strong moral dimension. This ethos permeates all that we do. It is the distinctiveness of our school which is paramount to our continued success. At John Mackenzie School, we focus on the growth and development of our boys and girls filling them with delight. Since our humble beginnings in 1899, each generation of pupils has looked back with pride while going forward with confidence. 

At JMS, we offer opportunities beyond the classroom which make up for the loss of the freedom and experiences we teachers and parents had as children. They are opportunities to learn how to handle and to cope with success and failure.

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