Westerford High School


We believe that Westerford as a Co-Educational school will serve as an excellent educational pathway and journey towards your chosen future tertiary studies. We’ve aimed to vividly illustrate the richness of daily life experienced by pupils at Westerford.

Like any good restaurant – you are spoiled for choice, whether it be in the well over forty clubs and societies or the various leadership structures and positions to the wide selection of sporting choices enjoying world-class facilities. The educational offering in and out of the classroom has positioned us as one of the top schools in the Western Cape for many years.

Our motto is – “Nil Nisi Optimum,” which translates into “Nothing But Our Best!”

At Westerford, we believe that each and every pupil needs to be given opportunities outside of the classroom in which they give of their best, whether it be serving in the community, leading a committee, acting on stage, playing an instrument amongst many other opportunities. In the process personal growth takes place. 

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