Rustenburg Girls’ High School

Rustenburg Girls’ High School


Founded in 1894, Rustenburg has a current enrolment of just over 850 learners. The staff of more than 60 full and part-time subject specialist educators ensures academic support of the highest quality in classes of a size conducive to optimal learning and academic innovation.

We are committed to our transformation journey as a public institution serving our wider community and creating better opportunities for all our learners. The past few years have seen a raised consciousness in sustainability.  As a school we now recycle close to 100% of all our waste and we are self-sustaining as far as our water supply is concerned. We place a strong emphasis on Technology and Innovation in and outside the classroom and we strive to empower learners and prepare them for the future and its challenges.

Today, Rustenburg is ranked highly among the top ten schools in the Western Cape, and there is no doubt that our successes are not only due to the foundations laid at the start but also due to our ability to adapt in a changing world.

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