Growing Minds


Growing Minds strives to provide quality education with a supportive environment which is learner orientated and promotes positive interaction and creative thinking.

We aim to guide our learners to show respect for themselves, their peers, and the wider community.  We encourage our learners to show compassion, understanding and acceptance of differences and individuality.  We also encourage respect for our environment and the world around us by teaching sustainable living and environmentally friendly practices.  

We want our learners to laugh.  Learning should be fun and we encourage our learners to enjoy and embrace each day of learning.  

We encourage our learners to search for knowledge and to apply it to their day to day lives.  Learning is not just what happens during school hours but continues in understanding how, what we learn at school, can be applied to the world around us.  We encourage inquiring minds, critical thinking and deeper understanding and awareness.

Our mission is to offer a balance education through individual attention with shared values, principles and creativity so that learners can strive to be their best and make a valuable contribution to society.

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